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P.G Tosan Data Centers Development Co.

In the present century, the important and irreplaceable role of information and communication technology in reducing the problems caused by poverty, inequality, illiteracy and so on has become a global belief. In this regard, this technology can be considered part of the national development strategy in each country. At present, with the development of communication networks, the Internet and websites, as well as the introduction of new concepts such as e-government and digital economy, the need to create more databases has been felt and has led to an unprecedented flow of information exchange. In this regard, most public and private organizations have turned to standard data centers. By creating these centers, it is possible to publicly share data resources in an integrated and dynamic way. Providing a variety of service, information, analysis and data services and ultimately indexing them in a safe environment are among the goals of these centers. In general, data centers are used as a safe place to store, manage, and exchange digital information, as well as to provide application or management services for information processing.


In recent years, TOSAN Company, while paying attention to the importance of data centers, has tried to recognize, design and create such centers with international and national standards and as the first step, put its banking data center into operation in 2005. The data center currently hosts many public and private banks, organizations and institutions and provides various services to them.